Grand Master Svyatoslav Mazur: I am launching the process of destruction of the monetary system

Well, it’s time for me, Grand Magister, to fight with the black dragon. If the heir to the British crown, Prince Charles considers himself a follower of Vlad Tepes — Dracula (dragon), and the United States executes his order to destroy sovereign Moldova, on the banner of which, during the time of the great Moldavian ruler Stefan III, was painted a picture of the trampling of the dragon by the glorious knight of our Order, George the Victorious Apparently, it is time to prove to Rothschilds: who is the owner of the Earth: their money or my holy will?
Thus, I, Svyatoslav Mazur, Grand Master of the Sacred Cosmic Order of the Knights of the Round Table,  March 5, 2019, start the process of destruction on Earth of the monetary system of the devil and proclaim the beginning of the period of good development.
Svyatoslav Mazur, V.M.S.O.N.V.P.

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